B312- Belimo Three-Way CCV Ball Valve


This valve is typically used in air handling units on heating or cooling coils, and fan coil unit heating or cooling coils. Some other common applications include Unit Ventilators, VAV box re-heat coils and bypass loops. This valve is suitable for use in a hydronic system with variable or constant flow.


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Valve Type:  B312
Valve Size:   0.5″ [15]
Cv Rating:  3
Flow Rating:  —
Flow Pattern:  3-Way Mixing/Diverting
Flow Characteristic:  A-port equal percentage, B-port modified for constant common port flow
Controllable Flow Range:   75°
Service:  chilled, hot water, up to 60% glycol
End Fitting:  NPT female ends
Material (seat O-rings):  EPDM (lubricated)
Media Temp Range (water):  0°F to 250°F [-18°C to 120°C]
Media Temp Range (steam):  —
Leakage:  0% for A to AB, <2.0% for B to AB
Close-Off Pressure:  200 psi

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