Founded in 1946 in Bridgeport, CT, Tower Equipment Company has grown over the intervening 70-plus years to become the leading distributor of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning controls in Connecticut. Representing the major control manufacturers Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Schneider (Barber Colman, Erie, Siebe, TAC) and Siemens, as well as being the only  Platinum Distributor of Belimo Air Controls in the state of Connecticut. Offering many other vendor options, Tower maintains the largest inventory of controls in the state. Beyond the inventory, Tower has a history of providing an excellence in the customer service extending to control system design that meets the customer's needs in the cost-effective manner. Our allegiance is to the needs of our customers, not the desires of our vendors, so that a control solution from Tower will reflect the best value available to the end user, not the solution available from a single vendor.

With our long history comes the knowledge necessary to select an adequate control option that best replaces a failed controller in the field or aids a situation in need. A service technician who comes to our counter looking for a replacement control can be confident that they will leave with a controller that will do the job. If a full re-control is necessary, they will also have the diagram and explanation that will detail how the new control is to be applied.

Tower also has a control panel fabrication department that will design, build and test a control panel that meets a design specification, control sequence or application with the controls selected that best serve the needs of the end user. Complete documentation and wiring diagrams are furnished with the completed panel. Field commissioning of the panel and associated controls along with training of the contractor alongside end-user personnel is also available.

Working with design-and-build or performance-based contractors, Tower has contributed to the specification and design of Building Automation Systems (BAS) that meet or exceed the customer’s needs and expectations at a cost that is within their budgetary constraints.

Moving into the realm of controls integration, Tower can now provide controls that incorporate all of the industry standard communication protocols including BACnet, LonWorks, and Modbus, as well as TCP/IP and other proprietary and non-protocols. Utilizing three Tridium-certified engineers, we offer to work with controls contractors who need to incorporate legacy BAS protocols into a new or expanded system.

As a member of Controls Group North America (CGNA), Tower has access to the inventory of the 26 largest controls distributors in the United States and Canada. Do not hesitate to contact us for a control need, even if you do not see the control in our catalog selections or vendor links. With decades of industry networking behind us, we have connections that may offer a quick solution to your control need.