Product Preview: Honeywell Lyric Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Lyric

Another successful Honeywell product is on the way, this time it’s ground breaking. Introducing Lyric, perhaps the most impressive WiFi thermostat on the market today.

thingI’m sure you’re familiar with Honeywell’s other impressive WiFi thermostats, but this isn’t like any other. Though solid thermostats, this one is the only one in the line that uses Geo-fencing Technology.

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real world geographical area. In the settings of the thermostat, you can choose a geo-fence of up to 7 miles. So when you choose that thermostat, once your in the perimeter of the geo-fence, Lyric will automatically turn on your heating or air conditioning for you when you get home.

Lyric is also a part of the Total Comfort Connect App so you can go on your laptop, phone or tablet and see what your systems are doing.


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