Tip of the Week: Tower Equipment’s Winter/Fall Guide

January 2017 saw New England’s temperature constantly staying in the thirties and the temperature is only going to get colder in the next couple of months.  It’s never too late to winter ready your home! Here is your Tower Equipment guide to get your home ready for the freezing temperatures to come.

  • Store all outside hoses and turn off the outside water to avoid freezing.
  • Drain your sprinkler system and turn it off for the winter months to avoid freezing and damage to your system.
  • If your windows appear to be foggy in the corners or have a lot of condensation this means your windows may have a leak- check your windows seals in this case.
  • Avoid Sludge and buildup in your gutters by cleaning them out before the snow fall; look over your roof in the process to make sure nothing is wrong.
  • Check over your chimney with a flash light. During these cold temperatures birds and animals look for hot places to make their nest. Check your fire place damper while you are at it to make sure it opens, closes and seals tightly.
  • Have your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system serviced to make sure all is running smoothly, if not pick up the parts you need at Tower Equipment Today!

Keep in mind, every HVAC needs maintenance! They are like a car if you never get it serviced something is bound to break. When getting ready for the winter you should keep this in mind and give your HVAC system a ‘tune-up’ like all mechanical systems. If you haven’t had your system checked here are some signs that indicate that your system is running inefficiently:

  • Higher than expected energy bills based on your previous months energy usage
  • Replacing dusty dirty air filters more frequently than usual
  • Inconsistent air flow from your ducts
  • Drastic temperature differences between rooms

Tower Equipement Co.,  truly cares about your safety and health. With questions or concerns please feel free to contact Tower Equipment today!

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