Tip of the Week: Why now is the best time to buy your new air conditioner

Snow, rain, and freezing temperatures are all reasons why your air conditioner is not on your mind but Tower Equipment is here to tell you why it should be. If your A/C unit is showing signs of wear, needs constant repair needs or has past the average lifespan of 15 years it might be time for an upgrade.  Below you will find a few reasons why this time of the year is ideal to invest in a new air conditioner.

Research Time

  • A break down in your A/C unit in the heat of the summer can cause home owners to jump at the first option for a unit just to get that quick fix. During the winter months a homeowner can take their time to really do the research and find the perfect fit for them. This can save you from making a rash decision on this expensive purchase and make sure that your finicky A/C unit won’t leave you sweating throughout the summer till you can find a replacement.

Repair Needs

  • Last summer did you find yourself frequently calling a repair man to fix your A/C unit? This is a sure sign that your system needs an upgrade. In fact if your repair costs add up to 25% or more of the new price of a unit this shows that your current system could fail you sooner then you expect. Buying a system now in the slow season will allow you to avoid the rush summer months bring and allow you to relax in comfort before your old system gives out for good.

Installation Delays and order times

  • Due to the spike in demand for air conditioning in the summer many installation and order delays occur causing homeowners to have to endure the heat until the your HVAC Contractor is able to complete the job. Like stated earlier the average life of a system is about 15 years, if your unit is near or rounding this mark you may want to consider a system upgrade before the busy season.

Lower cooling bills

  • If you experienced higher than usual cooling bills this last summer this may be a sign that your system is running incorrectly. Why wait till summer to find out if there is a way to lower those costs by either fixing or replacing your system before the busy season.  If a new air conditioner is in your future, you can avoid delays and minimize your discomfort by purchasing and installing one in the fall instead of waiting until next summer.



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