Tip of the week- Common Household Myths

There any many myths out there when it comes to using energy in your home. Tower Equipment is here to expose these false claims and help you cut costs this year. Here are our top five household myths:

#1 Blasting the Heat

You get home and your freezing from all the activities you have been doing outside that day. What is the first thing you do? You crank up the heat thinking it will get your home warmer faster but in fact raising the temperature does not improve the speed in warming your house at all. Blasting your heat will not change the temperature, all you are doing is wasting energy and cash. So the next time you are looking for a way to warm up quick try doing on of these instead:

  • Close your blinds and drapes at night in the winter to keep heat in and cold out.
  • Keep warm air registers clean and free of barriers, such as furniture and drapes.
  • Use reversible fans in the winter to circulate warm air.

#2 Space Heaters Save Money

The first thing everyone thinks about in the winter is how to save money on your energy bill, many use space heaters but the cruel truth is that space heaters will not save you cash in the long run. Space heaters use a lot more energy than the regular gas furnace. If used incorrectly they can also be dangerous, making space heater’s not the solution you should run to this winter. Try using a WiFi thermostat instead this will allow you to control the temperature of all rooms in your home where ever and when ever, click here for more information on Wi-Fi Thermostats

#3 Closing Vents Save Energy

Generations have been closing their vents to cut costs but closing them is actually costing you money. Your HVAC system is working harder and using more energy when you do this. It is best to leave your vents open and leave your registers in the proper position. To cut costs it is better to lower your temperature by a few degrees in the winter and a few degrees higher in the summer – but avoid drastic increases and decreases this will be costly as well

#4 Appliances Don’t Use Energy When Turned Off

Contrary to what you have been told all appliances use energy when turned off in fact 70% of your appliances energy consumption happens when they are off but still plugged in. Once you start unplugging you will see a drastic change in your energy bills.

#5 Ceiling Fans Cool Rooms

Fans cannot change room temperature, they can only circulate the air in our rooms. This can make you feel cooler but leaving a fan running while you are out will not make your room any colder when you come back. Turning your fan off will when you are not in the room will save you money, consider this in the summer months.

TECO’S Saving tip

Invest in a WiFi Thermostat. They will save you time and money as you can program your system on the go. Interested in a Wi-Fi Thermostat? Contact us today for pricing and availability! Already own a Wi-Fi thermostat? Check out our guidelines on how you can use your Wi-fi thermostat more effectively.

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