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Disappointed in the performance of your building? The Belimo Energy Valve might be a viable solution for you.

The Belimo Energy Valve is an advanced pressure independent control valve that can rapidly reduce the amount of water your company uses to cool or heat your space. Along with reducing the amount of water, Belimo’s valve provides unparalleled transparency to the system which improves controllability of complex hydronic systems. Overall, this valve improves the water amounts and controllability of your system which leads to drastic energy savings.

Interested in Belimo’s Energy Valve and want to learn more technical information about it? Sign up for Belimo’s webinar today or Contact Tower for faster information

The Webinar Brought to you by Belimo will cover:

Why Hydronic Design Models Don’t Match Building Performance

Modeling software’s make a few faulty assumptions about basic hydronic behavior which can lead to disappointing building performance.  By selecting and installing proper equipment, engineers and contractors can be successful in achieving the modeled results.

Understanding and Improving Heat Transfer at the Coil

By understanding the thermodynamics behind the heat transfer at coils and heat-exchangers, we can devise better control strategies to better match the water flows to the specific loads in the space.  When done properly, most buildings can use far less water to heat and cool, and thus save large amounts pumping and plant energy.

Static vs. Dynamic Balancing

Until examined closely, the true benefits of advanced control valve technology may be overlooked from a control and comfort standpoint.  By exploring dynamically balanced systems, we can see how we can hope to have more stable loops and more comfortable spaces.

Belimo Energy Valve

The Belimo Energy Valve is an electronically pressure independent valve with a fully integrated BTU meter.  It has the ability to control flow, manage Delta T, monitor system glycol percentage and fully expose the performance of the equipment.  With advanced communication platforms, which include BACnet, MODbus, IP and cloud-based optimization, the Belimo Energy Valve provides unparalleled access to all of the data.

Case Study Review

See results from actual Belimo Energy Valve installations.


Interested in Belimo’s Energy Valve and want to learn more technical information about it? Sign up for Belimo’s Webinar today or Contact Tower for more information

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