Technology Talk: Wi-Fi Thermostat Guidelines for Contractors

Wi-Fi thermostats are becoming a household staple and it is predicted that by 2020 sales will surpass standard digital models. Many contractors are adding Wi-Fi enabled thermostats to their product line up, as demand steadily increases. In order to properly showcase Wi-Fi thermostats contractors must know these four guidelines to bring homeowners and business owners the best and most effective solution for their situation.

Basic Guidelines:

  • Price and Profitability – Wi-Fi enabled thermostat’s come with a range of features and functions making there a thermostat for everyone’s budget. There are many models available that will allow you to meet your customers’ expectations while offering your company profitable margins. Work with Tower Today to find Wi-Fi enabled thermostats which will be affordable for your customers and profitable for your company.
  • Installation– New technology is intimidating but don’t let that stand in your company’s way of selling Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. Many Wi-Fi enabled models to make installation easy. There are many applications that give you step by step instructions, take Honeywell’s Lyric T6 Pro Thermostat, for example, its simple integration makes it an easy sell/install for your technicians.  Plus Towers staff is trained in all Wi-Fi thermostats, making all your questions easily answerable.
  • No C-Wire Needed – 60 percent of residences do not have a c-wire which can cut your options in half when selling Wi-Fi thermostats. But as technology advanced so did the thermostats and now less Wi-Fi enabled thermostats require one giving you more options for your customers. C-wire or not, there are equipment options available for any scenario so you can always meet the needs of your customers
  • Enhanced Convenience– Wi-Fi thermostats allow for easy on the go adjustments in temperature, program setbacks, and set times for temperature difference all controllable from your phone. These features ensure the user gets the performance they expect. Most Homeowners, in fact, 70 percent of them are not using their energy-saving features.  Click here for an easy guide on how to get the most out of your Wi-Fi Thermostat.

Wi-Fi thermostats are slowly taking over the market and they are projected to do just that by 2020 so why not stay ahead of the curve? Keep these guidelines in mind when it comes to Wi-Fi thermostats and for and technical questions or sales click here to get in contact with Tower Today!



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