Product Preview: Which Air Filters are best for Your Residential HVAC System

It’s allergy season and with spring in full bloom, your home should be the one place you can rely on to escape air pollutants. But did you know the air inside your home could be just as contaminated as the air outside? Checking or changing your air filter could be your simple solution to this issue.

Air Filters help prevent dust, dander, hair, debris, and other small particles from cycling through your home which makes it very important for you to keep an eye on them. The standard home in the United States should change their air filter every 90 days. But if the home has a pet, the filter should be changed every 60 days and if there is multiple pets or people with allergies in the home the filter should be changed every 30 to 45 days. According to these statistics, are you changing your home’s air filters enough?

There are many filters out there but what is the right one for you? The quality of your air filter has a major impact on your air conditioner’s efficiency and performance. But lucky for you, Tower Equipment is here with a guide on the four main Air Filters and what they can do for you!

  1. Fiberglass Air Filters: While extremely effective for protecting your a/c unit from large damaging particles, fiberglass air filters do not improve the air quality in your home. Fiberglass filters are the least expensive of air filter types, but they must be replaced more frequently. If improving indoor air quality is a priority for your home, especially if anyone in your family suffers from allergies, we recommend avoiding these types of filters.
  2. Polyester and Pleated Air Filters: Polyester and pleated air filters are more effective at trapping dust and other small particles than fiberglass air filters, removing about 45 percent of air pollutants in your home. Pleated air filters have the added advantage of capturing more airborne particles without significantly restricting the airflow of your air conditioner. Costing on average around $10, polyester and pleated air filters are an ideal solution for homeowners concerned about indoor air quality.
  3. High-Efficiency Air Filters: These HVAC filters, including HEPA filters, are the most effective at removing pollutants from indoor air, but they are also the most expensive. Made from pleated filter paper or synthetic polyester fibers, high-efficiency filters remove 85 percent of airborne particles, including dust pollen, and mold. High-efficiency filters have a MERV rating between 14 and 16 but are not the best for home HVAC units. These filters are typical for industrial settings such as hospitals and other sterile environments.
  4. Washable Air Filters: Washable air filters are not recommended for most residential HVAC systems. These filters usually run about $20 and require additional maintenance. Washable air filters are more susceptible to collecting fungus, bacteria, and other microorganisms that can escape from the filter and circulate throughout your home.

Do you still have questions or concerns on choosing the right air filter for your home? call the professionals at Tower Equipment Company; we’re happy to assist you with all their HVAC needs!


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