Tip of the week: How To Better Serve Homeowners With Pets

  1. Introduce– Most pet owners are never told that having a pet or multiple speeds up the frequency they must change their air filters. This is where you need to introduce the issue. With pets in the household, air filters fill up more rapidly. Overall if you have one pet you should be changing your filter every 60 days and if you have two or more pets every 30 days. Keep in mind an informed homeowner is a smart homeowner.
  2. Illustrate– Homeowners are not likely to change their ways unless they truly understand what they are dealing with. This is were illustrating the issue comes into play. Show them their filter full of pet dander and let them know how it works. Simply by showing them the flaw in their system and explaining how their bills are increasing because of it, could be the push they need to change their ways.
  3. Inform– After illustrating, you must inform the Homeowner of all the other underlying issues that go along with a clogged filter. For example, people with allergies will suffer in your home if the pet dander is not removed. Along with people with respiratory illnesses, with all of the dander in the air, it will make it harder for them to breathe. Overall the cleaner the air is circulating through your home the safer and healthier your home will be.
  4. Incorporate– The last step is to see what you can incorporate into the homeowner’s life to come up with a solution for their air quality issue. Whether this is to help them find a way to stay on top of changing their filters more or to add an air cleaner to their system.  You could also offer them a high-efficiency filter that will help them remove small dander particles out of the air and their ducts. You might also want to recommend a duct cleaning to homeowners who have been neglecting this for a while – the larger the build up in their system the more inefficient it will run. Overall incorporating a solution can help the Homeowner save money on all fronts.

Want more information on the various products you can suggest to your customers with pets? Contact Tower Today, Our Professionals would love to help!

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