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Most people are aware that Functional Devices offers RIB relays, current sensors, and power supplies, but did you realize they also have an extensive line of transformers. These transformers are very versatile making them a product you should consider on your next job. Whether you just need a single control or isolation transformer or are specifying a new project, consider Functional Devices, Inc. for your transformer needs.

Product Details

Functional Devices transformers range from 20VA to 375VA and may be foot mount, hub mount, or both making them very versatile. With the hub mount option, you will have either a single threaded hub or dual threaded hubs. Most transformers are provided with a circuit breaker and many are class two. Pigtail wires are standard on all models and are up to 9.5″ in length. All transformers utilize split-bobbin construction.

All Functional Devices transformers have a style number associated with them that relates to their construction, denoting where the wires exit from and whether there is a circuit breaker or terminal connection.

Product Features:

  • Step-down to either 24 or 120 VAC
  • Single or multi-tap primaries
  • 20 VA to 375 VA
  • Hub or foot mountable, or both (NPT 0.5” hub)
  • Split-bobbin construction (inherently limited)
  • 8” pigtail wires with 0.5” strip standard
  • Circuit breakers available
  • UL Listed or Component Recognized to UL5085-2 or UL5085-3 in US and Canada
  • Class 2 available

Functional Devices also makes a line of 40, 50 and 100 VA control transformers that are Made in the USA. These transformers meet the “Buy American” provisions making there a transformer for every build you have.

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