Tip of the Week: How To Save Money On Your A/C Bill By Using Ceiling Fans


The first day of summer is nearing and soon you will hear the humming of air conditioners running throughout the streets but how can you keep your home at a comfortable temperature while saving your money? Ceiling fans are a great way to help reduce high energy bills caused by continuous AC usage while also keeping your home at the temperature you please. Here are three ways your ceiling fan can help cut back costs on your energy bills this summer:

  1. Run your fan in a forward motion (counter-clockwise) – Having your fan run in a forward direction will force the air in the room down giving you the wind-chill effect. The wind-chill effect makes the moisture on your skin evaporate quicker causing your home feel cooler even though the temperature has not changed.
  2.  Ceiling fans use far less energy per hour–  Running your fan will cost you on average .018 to .1 kilowatts hours where your central AC system will cost you on average 3.5 Kilowatt hours. This means that depending on where you are ceiling fans may be able to make you more comfortable on their own, helping you avoid turning on the AC.
  3. Running your air conditioner and your ceiling fan at the same time– The combination of the two can cause you to not have to lower the temperature in your home as frequently. If you feel cooler when you have your ceiling fans on, you can keep the AC turned up to a higher temperature, meaning it will run less often.
    •  How to find the perfect balance between your fan and your air conditioner– Try increasing the temperature on your thermostat by one degree every day while your ceiling fans run. When you get to a day where it becomes too hot in your home, go back one degree and you have found the perfect air conditioning/ceiling fan cooling combination for your home.

Maintenance for your ceiling fan:

  1. Remove the dust from the fan motor and blades. Dust accumulation reduces airflow, making your ceiling fan less efficient. If it accumulates unevenly, it can also make your ceiling fan run unevenly causing to wear out quicker.
  2. When running your ceiling fans visually inspect it, if they vibrate while they are spinning a screw could be loose. Inspect your ceiling fan monthly and tighten ceiling screws, light fixture screws, and fan blade screws.
  3. Seasonally you should be changing your fans direction using the small toggle switch on the side or the top of the motor. In the spring and summer, your ceiling fan should be spinning counter-clockwise so it pushes air forcefully down towards the floor and produces the wind that cools your home. In the fall and winter, flip the switch so your fan is spinning clockwise, forcing the warm air from the ceiling up and then down into the room avoiding the wind-chill effect.

Your air conditioner combined with your fan will help keep your home cool all summer long. Remember to keep up with servicing for your HVAC system and call Tower Equipment Company for any parts you may need or just simply if you have any questions at:

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