Product Preview: Belimo 1/2″ and 3/4′ Sweat ZoneTight Valves


Belimo just released their new 1/2″ and 3/4′ Sweat ZoneTight Valves in 2 way and in 3 way to their ZoneTight Threaded Line. Designed for maximum efficiency in tight spaces, Belimo’s Sweat ZoneTight valve’s design and performance continues to set standards in the field. 

There are many overall benefits of the Belimo Sweat ZoneTight Valves such as:

  • Increased reliability, even after powered-close during off periods.
  • Ball valve technology avoids clogging.
  • Patented brushless DC motor runs at only 0.3 W maximizing energy savings.
  • Zero leakage means no energy losses.
  • Ultra-compact design allows for installation in tight areas.
  • Field set adjustment of Cv and maximum flow is fast.
  • Valve and actuator snap together quickly and easily; no tools are required for assembly or flow adjustment.
    • Comprehensive 5-year warranty.
    • Available electronic fail-safe or non-spring return actuator to meet application requirements.

The Belimo Sweat ZoneTight Valves is more than a standard ZoneTight Valve it features: 

  • Ball Valve Technology
    • Unlike short stroke globe valves, the self-cleaning ball helps minimize energy losses caused by clogging and eliminates overflow from pump pressure seat lift. In addition, high close-off capabilities ensure shut-off (0% A – AB leakage) and allow for true equal percentage flow characteristics.
  • Actuator with Patented Brushless DC Motor
    • The brushless DC motor’s power consumption when running is a mere 0.3W, 0.15W when holding, saving energy and transformer power. In addition to significantly reducing energy costs, this helps eliminate failures due to stalled motors and prolongs actuator life. It also allows for more units to be powered by a single transformer.
  • Snap Fit
    • The QCV and PIQCV easily connects to the actuator allowing operators and technicians to install valves quickly, easily, and without the use of tools. This helps simplify commissioning and reduces labor costs.
  • Field Adjustable Max Cv/Flow
    • QCVs and PIQCVs can be quickly and easily field adjusted to ensure that necessary design requirements are met and reduces inventory.
  • Stem Extension for Insulation
    • Unlike conventional zone valve actuators, which are normally covered by pipe insulation, the stem extension on QCVs and PIQCVs allows for easy actuator removal without damaging the surrounding insulation, helping simplify operation and maintenance activities.

The new Belimo 1/2″ and 3/4′ Sweat ZoneTight Valves is now stocked at both of our locations in Hartford and Stratford for your convenience. For technical support, sales, or questions feel free to contact our professionals at:

Stratford, CT1320 West Broad Street Stratford, CT 06615Phone- (203) 375-4420Fax- (203) 378-7635


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