Tip Of The Week: Maintaining Healthy Airflow In Your Home


Restricted airflow can cause serious problems for a homeowner’s heating and cooling system. Without proper airflow throughout their system, their equipment can become overheated, stressed, and forced to consume excessive energy which may make the system unable to deliver the conditioned air they need in their home.

Homeowners should check over their HVAC system monthly to ensure it has access to adequate airflow. The more airflow their system has the more their system will run efficiently and in return adding comfort to their home. Here are some steps you can recommend to homeowners to improve the airflow in their home:

  • Inspect Your Air Filter– Each month homeowners should check their filters to make sure it is still working- if it is covered in gray contamination now is a good time to change it. Most air filters should be changed about every three months but during seasons with heavy system use such as summer and winter months, they may become clogged with contaminants quicker, requiring you to change it more frequently. Try to stay away from air filters with a MERV rating of 13 or higher as they may actually restrict airflow through the system as they are more powerful. For added contaminant control and air quality improvement, consider installing a whole-home air purification system.
  • Inspect Your Vents– HVAC systems are designed to work optimally with all vents open- closing your vents causes air to back up in the system, damaging HVAC components as well as ducting. All vents and grills should be open and not obstructed. No furniture, rugs, or other items should be placed on top or in front of them.
  • Inspect Your Exterior Condenser Or Heat Pump– Grass clippings, leafs, and other contaminants blow up against and cover your unit, which will restrict air from moving through it. Be aware of vegetation growing around the unit as it can also cause airflow issues along with items stored around your cooling system components. If you wish to build a surrounding to disguise your equipment, remember to leave proper clearance around the unit (at least 2 feet) to allow for air movement.

Have questions on how you can improve airflow in your home or want to talk to one of our sales representatives about air filters or even whole-home air purifiers? Contact our professionals at Tower today!

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