Product Preview: NEMOFTY & The Teco Zone Dampers


Not impressed with your current Zone Damper Company or are you looking for a change? Try TECO’s Tower Zone TZ Damper. Our TZ Damper is made with Belimo’s NEMOFTY 24v 3 wire motor with LED positioned lights and a Untitled-31.jpgrugged American made slip in zone damper. Our damper is high quality, powerful, and economical compared to leading manufacturers.

Belimo’s NEMOFTY premium zone damper actuator series is built upon the standard zone series. They feature a clear cover to aid in the viewing of the onboard position indicating LED’s. Designed for zoning applications with low ambient light, the LED’s will illuminate green when open and red when closed. Start up and commissioning is fast and easy when verifying damper response to the control signal.
In-house, our professionals at Tower install the NEMOFTY actuator to the damper making it easy for us to customize the TZ zone damper to your needs. In stock, we have numerous sizes for dampers ranging from 8×8 to 10×30 which are available in both side and bottom mounts. We also have round dampers ranging in sizes 6 inches to 16 inches. Need a different size than what we have in- stock? Do not worry, we can order in the size you need for your job.
Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality damper Tower Equipment is the place to go for all your Zone damper needs!

Interested in the NEMOFTY & TECO Zone Dampers? Contact our Professionals at Tower Equipment today for pricing, information, and any questions you may have at:

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