Product Preview: Wireless Relays by Functional Devices


Did you know that Functional Devices is a member of the EnOcean Alliance?

For those who do not know, the EnOcean Alliance is the only energy harvesting wireless standard. This alliance is dedicated to automation solutions for sustainable buildings that use energy harvesting wireless technology. They are also dedicated to makingRIBW24B-EN3 buildings more energy efficient, more flexible, and lower in cost.

By incorporating EnOcean technology in Functional Devices relays, you can send or receive wireless control signals on your relay in many different ways. Available in a range voltages, these relays can be used to receive wireless signals from a variety of EnOcean power scavenging devices such as rocker switches or door and window switches. These relays may also be used in pairs to connect a wired input switch location, wirelessly to a contact output location making them very versatile.


  • functionIncludes dry contact input for sensor feedback
  • Connects directly to controller’s output for relay control/status from load
  • 20 Amp load control
  • Range of 50-150 feet
  • Repeat capability
  • Applications include:
    • Retrofits
    • Remote outbuildings
    • Building additions
    • Any application where you cannot sacrifice the integrity of the structure
  • Made in the USA

Not only does Functional Devices offer EnOcean Relays they also produce EnOcean Transmitters, Sensors, and Accessories! Interested in the EnOcean Series? Contact Tower’s Professionals with any questions, concerns, or for prices at:


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