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Reaching your health goals is easier now than ever. There are fitness trackers, blood pressure monitors, and numerous other devices on the market that will help you regulate your health in your body but what is helping you regulate your health at home? Lucky for you, Tower Equipment Company is here with a few products that can help keep your family healthy year round.

  • Programmable Thermostats
    • Your homes environment can have a major impact on the health of your entire family. Programmable thermostats make it easy to achieve the perfect temperature in your home with one easy schedule. There are three different types of programmable thermostats. A 7 day model which allows you to set a different schedule every day, a 5+2 day model which allows you to set a the same schedule for weekdays & another for the weekends, and lastly there is a 5-1-1 model which allows you to set the same schedule for weekdays & another schedule for Saturdays/ Sundays. Programmable thermostats are great for keeping your home a happy healthy temperature and your energy bills down.
  • Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats
    • Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats are similar to programmable thermostats as you set a schedule for your system. What makes these thermostats different is that you can change the schedule on the go from your Smartphone, tablet, or Amazon’s Alexa. Smart thermostats also optimize your schedule as they learn you’re routine. This optimization will increase how much you can save on energy bills while also keeping your family comfortable all year long without having to go out of your way to change your preprogrammed schedule.
  • Dehumidifiers
    • Whole-home dehumidifiers are installed as part of your home’s heating and cooling system which means you can control them from your smart thermostat as well. They work in conjunction with your air conditioner, or independently as needed, to remove the ideal amount of moisture to solve the below problems but not so much that your home becomes too dry. Here are some issues dehumidifiers eliminate from your home:
      •  Wood warping and rotting
      • Mold and Mildew Growth
      • Bug infestation including dust mites which are a significant issue for people with allergies
      • Uncomfortable sweating at normal indoor temperatures
      •  Sticky skin in summer/clammy in winter
      • Rooms smell musty
  • Air Purifiers
    • Air Purifiers can also be installed as a part of your homes heating and cooling system which means they are conveniently controlled by your smart thermostat as well. This will allow you to schedule air cleaning times to make sure your family is only breathing in the best air, stopping colds and other germs from entering your families systems!

If you want to learn more ways you can modernize your home to help your family stay healthy contact Tower Equipment’s professionals at:

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