Product Preview: Viconics VT8000 Series Room Controllers


Designed for new construction and retrofit projects, the VT8000 series room controllers are a cost-effective alternative to direct digital controls to control rooftop units, heat pumps, and indoor air quality applications. Dramatically reducing project delivery cost at installation and commissioning phases, the VT8000 combines the controller and room sensor function into a single device while enabling control sequence configuration without any programming. Commissioning can also be done from the device’s display without the need for external tools or software.

The VT8000 series native control sequences include PI, economizer, and scheduler functionalities, as well as over 90 BACnet points configurable from the display. These points are also manageable using Building Management Systems (BMS) if the device is integrated via BACnet MS/TP or ZigBee Pro.

System integrators that wish to modify the native contrVT8000ol sequences, or override the input and output configuration of the VT8000 series, can do so by uploading Lua4RC scripts using the Uploader VT8000 or a BMS. The uploader tool makes it easy to customise the operation your system on your computer or tablet all you have to do is connect it to your room controller using a USB.

All models can also be equipped with a discrete optional passive infrared motion sensor. With the embedded sensor, the VT8000 uses advanced occupancy routines to generate automatic energy savings during occupied and unoccupied periods without sacrificing occupant comfort.

The touchscreen of the VT8600 Room Controller offers a customizable user experience with a selection of languages, temperature scales, buttons, and screen colors. Using the Uploader VT8000 tool, it also supports the upload of an image or logo that becomes the default standby screen of the device. Custom messages can also be displayed on-screen using BACnet® objects when the VT8600 is integrated via a BACnet MS/TP system.

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