Tip of the week: 10 Reasons Why All Homes Should Have An Air Purifier


Air Purifiers can be a great addition to a home’s HVAC system but they can often be overlooked. Air purifiers pull the air in your home through a series of filters that remove harmful airborne particles like dust, pollen, and bacteria. That clean air then goes back into your home for your family to enjoy and this process is repeated throughout the day making sure the air your breathing is pristine.

Air Purifiers can do more than just clean your air, below you will find 10 reasons why all homes should have an air purifier which will hopefully make you reconsider getting one for your home or your next job!

  • Air purifiers ensure your family is breathing clean air.
    • The EPA estimates that indoor air is two to five times dirtier than outdoor air and sometimes up to 100 times dirtier. A good air purifier keeps you healthy.
  • Air purifiers remove unpleasant odors
    •  Air purifiers don’t only clean the air; they also help get rid of unpleasant and burnt food odors.
  • Air purifiers trap airborne allergens released by pets 
    • Your pet fur releases pet dander, fur, and other airborne allergens into the air in your home and various other smells! Air purifiers help combat these allergens by trapping them before they settle into your home.
  • Air purifiers help neutralize smoke
    • Whether it’s a family member who smokes or your love for a fireplace smoke will cling to things in your home. An air purifier can help trap smoke before it ends up in your upholstery.
  • Air purifiers trap dust
    • There will always be dust. No matter what you do to keep your home clean, dust accumulates. An air purifier helps trap dust before it has the chance to settle, reducing build-up and leaving you with less to clean.
  • Air purifiers remove up to 99 percent of airborne bacteria 
    • Small airborne particles like pollen, mold spores, and other bacteria floating around in the air, causing your family to get sick. By cycling the air in the room repeatedly through internal filters, an air purifier helps remove up to 99 percent of these airborne pollutants.
  • Air purifiers combat seasonal allergens
    • Seasonal allergies are a problem for many people. Air purifiers help keep the allergens that make breathing uncomfortable out of your home.
  • Air purifiers stock sickness and germs from spreading
    • HEPA air purifiers with UV bulbs capture and neutralize up to 99.97 percent of the airborne germs that you want to avoid.
  • Air purifier keep your lungs healthy 
    • Consistent exposure to dust, pollen, dander, and other airborne particles can cause long-term breathing and health issues for you and your family. Using an air purifier in your home gives you the confidence that your lungs will be healthy for years to come.
  • Air purifiers fit everywhere
    • Air purifiers come in a variety of sizes and have a variety of features that will keep the air healthy in any room of the house. There are also whole-home air purifiers that are installed right into your HVAC system, keeping them out of sight and out of mind as they will work together with your current system.  

Keep in mind indoor air can be just as polluted or more polluted than outdoor air. An air purifier can solve all these issues with a simple install, so why wait?

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