Product Preview: Belimo’s Butterfly Valve Technology


Butterfly Valves are a fundamental component in a hydronic system. Unfortunately, most butterfly valves are less than ideal – they leak, their running times are not optimized for HVAC applications, they’re heavy, it’s hard to access wiring, and they cannot be put into operation quickly.

Fortunately, Belimo’s technologically advanced butterfly valves can help you avoid all these issues. Designed specifically for HVAC applications, this valve offers an intelligent, energy efficient, and reliable high flow solution with a focus on ease of installation, application flexibility, and longevity.

Belimo’s technologically advanced butterfly valves are also offered in HDU & LU Assemblies Providing 50 PSI Close-Off Pressure.

Belimo butterfly valve range has expanded to include competitively priced assemblies Belimo_HDU_L_Series_Butterflyfor applications that require 50 psi close-off pressure. These assemblies are identified by the last digit “U” in the valve body nomenclature.

  • 3” to 6” sizes feature HDU bodies for 2-way and 3-way configurations motorized with non-spring return standard actuator series GR, GM, and DR.
  • 8” and 10” sizes feature LU bodies for 2-way configurations motorized with non-spring return PR series actuators.

The HDU and LU series offers a unique seat, and disc design ensures positive valve sealing while maintaining low seating torque. The cartridge style seat incorporates an elastomer bonded to a phenolic stabilizing ring, eliminating elastomer movement and reducing seat tearing or fatiguing due to bunching. The HDU and LU series provides economical HVAC solutions up to 50 psi close-off.

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