Technology Talk: Five Signs You Need A Dehumidifier


Dehumidifiers are often overlooked but they are very powerful machines. They can help keep a home/building comfortable and healthy by removing all potentially dangerous amounts of moisture from the building’s environment. In fact, there are many signs that a building could use a dehumidifier and Tower Equipment is here with a list of the five most common signs just for you!

Five signs you need a dehumidifier:

  • Condensation On Windows & Glass Doors
    • Condensation will collect on the glass in your home when your indoor environment is too humid. It will appear like fog on the windows or you may even come across streaks of water droplets sliding down your window as moisture collects.
  • Mold Spots On Walls & Ceilings 
    • When there is extra moisture in the air inside your home, mold tends to grow on surfaces like walls and ceilings creating visible spots. Bathrooms tend to be the largest target for mold spots. They have excess steam build up from running water mixed with bad ventilation causing a buildup of moisture in the air. Steam rises and settles on the ceiling and in the corners of the walls, so to sure keep an eye on these areas. Closets also tend to be trouble areas as well because moisture gets trapped in the small space. Basements and other poorly ventilated areas of the home are something to watch too as they tend to have a large amount of mold growth.
  • Musty Odors 
    • Musty odors are a sign of mold build up in your home which is created by humidity build up.
  • Groundwater Dampness
    • Water run-off associated with the rainy season can lead to excess moisture in the home. If water run-off is not diverted properly, it can flow back towards your home, causing moisture problems.
  • Water Stains
    •  Water stains are a red flag for excess moisture in your home. They can occur on walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces as humidity builds up in the home and will leave a trademark stain. 

As stated earlier dehumidifiers can be the perfect solution to all these issues listed above! If you continue to have issues after placing a dehumidifier in your home, you could be experiencing issues with your ventilation and now is a good time to call your local technician. 

Your homes Ventilation deals with how air circulates between the rooms in your home and if the system has hidden issues this could be the main reason why you are having high amounts of moisture in the air. Your ventilation helps remove unwanted dust, allergens, and smells along with moisture from the air in your home making issues with your system very important to fix.

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