Tip Of The Week: Honeywell’s Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat


Want to save money and be able to manage your smart thermostat from your smartphone?

Look no further than Honeywell’s Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat(RTH9580WF)!  All you need is a Wi-Fi connection or access to the free app for your smartphone/tablet and you can manage RTH9580WF-1your thermostat remotely to take advantage of the savings when you are away or maintain comfort when you are home.

This thermostat is not only smart but very simple to use. The simple setup takes the hassle out of programming your thermostat. You can also control the thermostat using the sleek touch screen and change the background color to match your room or personal preference.
This system is equipped with Smart Response technology which allows your thermostat to learn your heating/cooling cycles. From there the system goes on to optimize that schedule to deliver the right temperature at the right time for your family.  Want to know just now much this feature can save you? Click Here to discover just how much you can save by installing this Honeywell thermostat

Other features include:

  • Seven-day programmingOnesmart-home_standard_to_rule_the_all_Honeywell_Smart_Thermostat-975x1024
  • Simple setup
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Large color touchscreen
  • Smart, flexible scheduling
  • Advanced fan/comfort control
  • Indoor humidity sensor
  • One-year limited warranty
  • DIY installation
  • Total Connect Comfort voice command
  • Auto Alerts will remind you when your air filter needs to be changed and other system alerts.

The Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat also comes with its own ecosystem. Working with leading smart home companies for enhanced comfort and control you can connect your thermostat to various devices around your home. For a full list of integrations, please Click Here. You can also Click Here for a Free Energy Consumption Calculator by chooseenergy.com that will help you determine the best general saving practices for your household.


  • Model number: RTH9580
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 3-1/2 in. High X 4-1/2 in. Wide X 7/8 in. Deep

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