Technology Talk: Belimo’s Super Capacitor For Critical Applications


Need your system to operate safely no matter the circumstances? A fail-safe control is what you need. During an electrical power supply interruption, dampers and valves are automatically returned to their fail-safe position with an electronic fail-safe control function. Water coils are protected from freezing, steam heat exchangers are closed for safety, and fume hoods are opened to ensure ventilation. Electronic fail-safe actuators with SuperCap technology are distinguished by efficiency, reliability, and versatility.

Supercapacitors (SuperCaps) are electrochemical condensers that are faster in response and more reliable than conventional rechargeable batteries. This modern energy storage technology is now enhancing energy efficiency and the functionality of complex safety solutions around the globe. Belimo has intensively tested and improved the SuperCap technology in order to equip dampers and valve actuators with an innovative electronic fail-safe control function.


  • Controlled Power Off for Comfort and EfficiencyADVANTAGES OF ELECTRIC FAIL-SAFE ACTUATORS
    Environmental and climate conditions often result in short power interruptions which can cause damper and valve actuators to begin fail-safe operation and temporarily destabilize the room or building temperature control. This can result in unnecessary actuator movements and additional energy usage. Electronic fail-safe actuators with the control power-off function provide solutions to these climate conditions.

    •  Short power failures from 0 to 10 seconds can be ignored without an interruption in the operation of the system and without any loss of comfort in the building
    • Time and cost to return the system to normal operation are avoided in many cases
  • Versatile Performance with Low Energy Consumption- Comprehensive testing and development efforts created an electronic fail-safe actuator using SuperCap technology with outstanding performance offering:
    • Wide range of torque models
    • Fast acting 4-7 seconds actuation (NKQ series)
    • Constant delivered torque across the entire travel range, even in the fail-safe end position
    • Increased torque in piggyback applications (coupling of several actuators to a single shaft or linkage)
    • Low power consumption in holding mode
  • Patented Algorithm for Maximum Reliability- Since 2007, Belimo tested SuperCap technology under harsh conditions: temperatures of 122°F to -22°F [50°C to -30°C] and long-term charging and discharging. Testing focused on the reliability of the electronic fail-safe function with continuous loads. In order to combine SuperCap technology with fail-safe control actuators, Belimo developed and patented a SuperCap energy management algorithm included in the actuator microprocessor controller.
    • The algorithm will:
      • Safely charge and discharge the SuperCap energy
      • Deliver reliable long service life (estimate of 15 years or >100,000 full charges)
  • Applied Wherever Safety and Energy Efficiency are Required – SuperCaps absorb energy very quickly and discharge immediately as required. They have a longer service life and greater cycle-resistant than rechargeable batteries. These properties are desirable in high-tech applications:
    • Smart Grids
    • Defibrillators
    • Aviation emergency exits
    • Automotive airbags
    • Wind turbines

Examples Electronic Fail-Safe Actuators for HVAC Applications:


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