Product Preview: Introducing Honeywell’s Silent Spring Return Damper Motor Actuator


Tower Equipment Company is now carrying Honeywell’s Silent Spring Return Damper Motor Actuator for your convenience.

This spring return damper motor actuator is designed primarily to operate automatic air control dampers.

This actuator features a synchronous hysteresis motor designed for long life with MSSunique “lost motion” drive to protect the gear train from closing shock. The MSS has been cycled tested to over 250,000 cycles and has been specifically designed for silent operation. Many spring return motors have a loud gear noise and damper spring returns to its normal position. The MSS has a patented designed air brake slowing the spring return motion to eliminate the noise.

This motor is made for easy replacement and includes a hex wrench used to loosen the set screw of the old motor and to tighten the new motor. The MSS has an easy slip-on cover for wiring that secures tightly with a screw. The wiring connections are made with wire nuts to wire leads and pass thru the plastic strain relief grommet.

The MSS is used with ZDS, ZDB, RDS, RTS and RRS dampers and replaces the RDMA, RDMH, RDMZ and MSR.


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