Product Preview: Mars TURBO 200 Series Capacitors


Mars Turbo 200 Capacitors offer greater performance capability than original-equipment capacitors! Every Turbo uses thicker, high-temperature metalized polypropylene film and incorporate advanced patented capacitor winding technology which creates de-metalized zones at the start and finish of each microfarad value within the overall Turbo winding!

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About The Turbo 200 Series Capacitors

The Turbo 200 family of products was designed, developed, and patented by AmRad (American Radionics) Engineering which is one of the few remaining run capacitor manufacturers located the United States.
The Turbo 200 Family includes the Turbo 200, The Turbo 200X and The Turbo 200 mini. The Turbo 200 is a universal, permanent replacement Motor Run capacitor compatible with every air conditioner on the market today. It can replace up to 200 single or dual value run capacitors with a voltage rating of either 370 or 440 VAC.

By using jumper wires, included in every Turbo box, along with easy to follow mars-motor-parts-accessories-12200-64_300.jpginstructions, capacitance values are easily achieved. No additional adjustments are necessary for 370 and 440 MFD.
The Turbo 200 can produce a combination of capacitance values up to 67.5 microfarads. i.e.: Dual values 35 +5.0, 55 + 7.5/, 60.0 +7.5 or single value 35.0, 45.0 up to 65.0 mfd.

The Turbo 200X was designed for large scroll type compressors. It accommodates mfd ratings up 97.5
51prqcMEfAL._SS500_The Turbo 200 mini was is designed for single capacitor ratings for condenser and blower motors up to 12.5 mfd. The range is 2.5 – 12.5 mfd.

All Turbo 200’s are fully compatible to operate with capacitor hard start kits. The patented Turbo 200’s meet the universal permanent split capacitor EIA (Electronic Industry Asso.) standard, EIA 456. The meeting of this standard is a requirement of every major air conditioning manufacturer.



Why Choose The Turbo 200 Over Their Competitors?

The most important difference between the Turbo 200 compressors and major competitive brands is that the competition place six separate capacitors into a metal can. If one fails, the device keeps operating. Here is what happens with doing this: If a 35mfd is in use (combining a 25 mfd and a 10 mfd) and the 25 mfd fails, the compressor motor is now operating with a 10 mfd capacitor rather than the required 35 mfd rating. This results in the motor quickly overheating and failing thereby taking out the compressor along with it.

With the Turbo 200, in the very unlikely event of failure, the capacitor will open (via the pressure interrupter) and the top will bulge, as designed, thus shutting down the power to the motor. The system is now shut down and safe, ready to be serviced. When tested under the EIA 456 (for motor run capacitors) some results have shown that the competitive brand will fail within 2 to 18 hours. The Turbo 200 easily meets the 500-hour requirement.

Beware of the major quality and safety differences between the Turbo 200 family and less expensive, offshore imitations. They have a history of field failures and a history of causing fires due to a non-functioning protective device. 

Need Wiring Installation Instructions?

AmRad the creator of the Turbo 200 series created a short video with simple instructions on how to install the capacitor. Click here for the video 

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