Tip Of The Week: Winter Myths To Bust On Your Next Job


Technicians work hard every day to help keep the homes they service safe, healthy, and comfortable all year round. The issue with this is that there are many myths homeowners believe about HVAC winter health and comfort that need to be rethought. Here are three myths you can bust on your jobs this season!

  • Blasting The Furnace
    • Ever come home to chilly house and crank up the thermostat to 80 in order to heat the house faster? Well, unfortunately, furnaces aren’t getting the message. For the most part, they’re on or off and the thermostat just controls the temperatures at which they engage or shutdown. Much like mashing the button for the crosswalk, turning up the thermostat to 100 doesn’t make the desired event happen any faster.
  • Space Heaters Save Money
    • The first thing everyone thinks about in the winter is how to save money on your energy bill, many use space heaters but the cruel truth is that space heaters will not save you cash in the long run. Space heaters consume a lot more energy than the regular gas furnace. If used incorrectly they can also be dangerous, making space heater’s not the solution you should go to this winter. 
  • Closing Vents Save Energy
    • Generations have been closing their vents to cut costs but the truth is closing the vents is only costing them more money. Your HVAC system will have to work harder and use more energy when the vents are closed as they have to find another area of the home for the air to escape too. It is best to leave your vents open and leave your registers in the proper position. To cut costs it is better to lower your temperature by a few degrees in the winter and a few degrees higher in the summer but avoid drastic increases and decreases this will be costly.
  • Energy Consumption Calculator
    • Everyone wants to save money but as we know it is dangerous to turn off your heat completely in the winter. Luckily for you, you can get an estimate on how much energy you are using by clicking below. This will allow you to keep your energy use in check all winter long

Bonus Tip:

  • Get a Wi-Fi thermostat: If you want to come home to a warm environment without wasting money, Wi-Fi controlled thermostats make setting schedules and adjusting the temperature a breeze – all from your smartphone.

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