Tip of the Week: Key Points HVAC Contractors Need To Know About Smart Thermostats


Smart thermostats are taking over the market and they are predicted to surpass standard digital models by 2020. To fully take advantage of this market change, contractors must be able to bring homeowners & business owners the best and most effective solution for their situation. Here are a few key points that every contractor should know about smart thermostats in order to provide their customer with the best service possible.

Five key points to know:

  1. Price and Profitability
    • There are many smart thermostats on the market that range in function and features so narrowing down what your customer’s needs are is important. There are many models available that will allow you to meet your customer’s expectations while offering your company profit margins. Work with Tower’s professionals to find smart thermostats that will be affordable for your customers and profitable for your company today!
  2. Installation
    • No needs to worry about new confusing technology, smart thermostats are proving to be easier to install than ever. Most smart thermostats now come with apps that will guide technicians through the online setup.
  3. Business Promotion
    • Many smart thermostats come with a feature that allows you to program information such as business’s names, contact information, and logo. This provides your customers with the unique opportunity to promote their business. Whenever their customers use the thermostat or the app, your business is what they will see! Your business information will be easily accessible next time they are in need of services.
  4. No C-Wire Needed
    • While certain Smart thermostats require a c-wire, over 60 percent of residences do not have one in place. Luckily, there many smart thermostat models on the market which do not require one. C-wire or not, there are equipment options available for any situation you need at Tower Equipment.
  5. Enhanced Convenience
    • Smart thermostats are easily adjustable, they can program setbacks, they are accessible from your phone, and so much more. These features work to ensure your customers get the performance they expect. When installing smart thermostats remember that over 70 percent of homeowners are not using their energy-savings features. This is a good opportunity to explain how these settings work to your customer.

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