Technology Talk: Veris’s Multi-Circuit Power Meters


Do you need to update or replace elements within your electrical infrastructure? Perhaps you need to add sub-billing capabilities or load-based cost allocation? Or maybe you need to balance loads as part of a new demand/response strategy? And are becoming concerned this may be a substantial capital cost?

Luckily, there are cost-effective ways to meet those goals to modernize your system6cb41e7b-8497-4676-894e-1252f7d79c68_2 without purging your existing infrastructure or enduring extended periods of commissioning downtime. It begins with connected devices like multi-circuit power meters that gather data continuously from heating, cooling, and lighting systems, or any other critical loads throughout your facilities. Multi-circuit power meters allow significant cost savings on both equipment and installation.

This is because a single multi-circuit power meter adds multiple revenue-grade metering 9b229593-62bc-453d-ba0b-d6d03acde7a9_2points without having to purchase, mount, wire, and commission individual energy meters. These connected devices use modern communications protocols (such as BACnet, Modbus TCP, and SNMP via Ethernet), and are small enough to fit inside most existing electrical panels. They eliminate the need for shorting blocks and are user-configurable to any combination of 1-, 2-, or 3-phase meters. They also allow long CT lead extensions with no compromise to their revenue-grade accuracy. In fact, new models provide ANSI & IEC Class 0.5% accuracy, which makes them ideal for tenant billing and cost allocation.

Simply adding one multi-circuit power meter enables a multitude of benefits – especiallyaf2d7cd7-2d9c-4be9-b8fc-7f48ebdf6663_2 when combined with power management software – empowering your tenants with information about their energy use so they can help you reduce operational costs; allocating costs to departments or processes so you can identify new energy savings; and even establishing a ‘green’ efficiency image for your buildings. And because of their revenue-grade accuracy, it’s also possible to validate your utility charges.

It’s also important to remember that adding a multi-circuit power meter is not a one-time strategy. You can continue to add to your existing power infrastructure, to monitor and manage what you already have in place. And you can build on the system over time to manage more and more of your infrastructure.

Integrated power management can lead to cost-effective solutions that simplify your energy and power monitoring and create new savings. 

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