Product Preview: Energy Saving Products Universal Air Switch

HOW TO SAVE MONEY (3)Energy Saving Products Universal Small Footprint Air Switch can replace hundreds of other exact replacement air switches saving you truck space and eliminating wait time on ordering parts!

NS2000031_LESP’s Universal Air Switch comes from the NS2 family of reliable, economical switches with field-adjustable or factory-calibrated set points between 0.05″wc and 10″wc. These switches can sense positive, negative, or differential air pressure.

The universal air switch has a compact, glass-filled polycarbonate switch body with an integral snap switch. The narrow switching differential allows for a set point tolerance over a broad range of operating temperature and setpoint ranges.

These low-cost switches are especially sturdy and contaminant free for high accuracy and maximum reliability. NS2 switches are the ideal solution for most high volume OEM applications.

Common HVAC&R Applications
• On gas fired warm air furnaces, prove fan flow by sensing draft down from the blower; switch actuation allows ignition startup or shuts the system down upon insufficient draft.
• Electronic air cleaners and humidifiers can employ sensing switches to prove airflow; switch actuation starts the unit with sufficient airflow or draft.
• Strip heaters employ airflow sensing switches to prove positive pressure/airflow in duct and air movement across heat source; shuts off heat source with insufficient airflow.
• Exhaust fans and draft hoods employ sensing switches to sense draft down from exhaust fan; switch actuation signals condition upon fan failure or an insufficient draft.
• Refrigeration and cooling coils are maintained by sensing differential pressure/airflow drop across coils; switch actuation signals condition when they ice, or actuates the defrost cycle.

688-NS2-0000-03_R01_C01Universal Style NS2-0000-31
Low cost, high accuracy and reliable universal air pressure switch that replaces many small footprint type switches.

Features / Benefits
• Senses positive, negative or differential air pressure.
• Set Point Range: 0.10” to 10” w.c.
• Electrical Ratings: 1/10 hp @ 120 to 277 VAC. 28 VA pilot duty @ 24 VAC, 125 VA pilot duty @ 120 VAC.
• Contact Arrangement: SPDT
• Operating Temperature Range: 40°F (4.4°C) to 190°F (87.8°C).
• UL & CSA Approved.
• 2-year warranty

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