Product Preview: Honeywell’s WEBs-AX Energy Analytics


Want to know how energy in your building is being used? The WEBs-AX Energy Analytics can give you the insight you have been looking for into your energy usage! 

Working within the WEBs-AX architecture, WEBs-AX Energy Analytics is the equivalent to an energy savant obsessed with making energy usage more efficient. Using the data from your energy meters, it assembles the information into a wide range of standard reports. You’ll be able to segment your energy usage to better understand which elements are most affecting your bill, and you’ll even be able to compare the WEBs-AX Energy Analytics data to the information on your bill to double-check the bill’s accuracy

What Is WEBs-AX?

Honeywell WEBs-AX offers an affordable integrated open communications building WEBs AX Family photocontrol system. WEBs-AX is a family of state-of-the-art, Web-enabled building automation solutions that provide you with amazing flexibility. Built on the NiagaraAX Framework®, WEBs-AX presents the user with a consistent user experience for a wide array of building system protocols. The entire system is Internet-based, so all you need to access the system is a standard browser. With the WEBs-AX open integrated system, you’ll have the versatility to choose a collection of best-of-class open protocol products using LonWorks™, BACnet®, ModBus® and OPC-based products for your building needs.

When it comes to energy management, WEBs-AX allows you to analyze energy usage information and coordinate all energy-consuming loads in your building, including HVAC, manufacturing, lighting systems and plug loads. You’ll be able to save energy, increase productivity and create energy-efficient working environments that utilize
energy only when and where it’s needed.


Easy Access From Anywhere
Because WEBs-AX Energy Analytics uses browser-based navigation tools; you’ll be able to access and manage your energy-usage data anytime from anywhere you have Internet access. WEBs-AX Energy Analytics also speaks your language — the multi-language capability offers quick translation into several languages, and the universal comparison feature lets users convert measurements into their desired terms.

Make Wise, Informed Energy Decisions
WEBs-AX Energy Analytics analyzes energy-usage data and creates easily understandable reports so you can profile point data over any period of time. The statistical analysis tools can determine correlations, standard deviations, slope and more. These analytic features let you easily evaluate energy consumption and demand as well as compute load factors so you can make informed energy-related decisions to reduce your company’s energy usage and costs.



Multiple Analysis Options

From operation reports on individual pieces of equipment to average daily usage profiles to budget reports, WEBs-AX Energy Analytics has your every analytical need covered. With 16 standard reports, you can review data to the smallest detail, or you can get a broad spectrum summary for an at-a-glance look at trends. Exception reports can be generated to help uncover energy-usage abnormalities that could indicate a problem with equipment or a system.

ordering info


You can also evaluate options for equipment or process changes and create “what if” 


scenarios that enable you to predict future costs, project savings and more. By allowing analysis of multiple variables, WEBs-AX Energy Analytics can help you determine the major contributors to your energy usage and the impact that additional equipment, schedule changes, load demands and more can have on your bottom line.

Cost Control
Through its energy monitoring features, WEBs-AX Energy Analytics gives you a true understanding of your energy costs. You can use this information for everything from ranking individual operations to judge their impact on your energy usage to creating budget reports that help you compare historical data against actual costs.

Perhaps best of all, WEBs-AX Energy Analytics gives you the detail you need for invoice reconciliation. By comparing utility company invoices to the collected WEBs-AX Energy Analytics data, you can identify billing errors. You can also establish a historical baseline to help project future costs and provide an overview to quickly spot possible billing errors.


Submeters Increase Control
When used with a building automation system, submetering allows facility managers to track energy costs by area, department, tenant or even specific equipment. The data can then be used for load shedding, tenant billing, creating a more efficient energy plan and more.
Ordering is Easy
The WEBs-Energy Analytics Software is already available on your supervisor. To begin using the software you will need to order one or more WES-STA-AX/U and WES-PNTAX/U
supervisor licenses.

The WES-STA-AX/U license is used to retrieve histories from a WEBs-AX controller which is connected to a number of meters. 

The WES-PNT-AX/U license is used to retrieve histories from a single Meter or from a Utility company that provides their information over IP. You can evaluate the data by purchasing one WES-PNT-AX/U for each data point you would like to retrieve.

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