Fantech Fresh Air Appliances with Heat Recovery

Technology Talk: Fantech Fresh Air Appliances with Heat Recovery

Looking for a way to stay warm this winter while also saving money?  Fantech’s Fresh Air Appliances have you covered!

Fantech’s Fresh Air Appliances with Heat Recovery (HRVs) are made perfectly for Northeast where the indoor relative humidity will be lower during the longer heating season!  During winter, fresh incoming air is tempered by the heat that is transferred from the outgoing air so you save on energy costs.  In addition, these units bring a continuous supply of fresh air into a home while exhausting an equal amount of contaminated air to help you breathe clean air year round.

Why choose HRV’s?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has developed a guideline to evaluate the minimum ventilation needs of a home.

The standard defines whole house and local ventilation needs. Fantech not only helps you meet these needs but it also helps cut costs when heating and cooling your space. The fresh air appliances are available in both residential and commercial applications.

How it works

During winter, fresh incoming air is tempered by the heat that is transferred from the outgoing air so you save on energy costs. While during summer, the incoming air is pre-cooled if the house is equipped with an air cooling system.  All models of HRV’s are equipped with a recirculation defrost mechanism as well so you can use the system year round.

Power and Efficiency 

ECM Motors have built-in integral electronic controls to ensure energy savings no matter what the airflow demands.  Reduced energy usage results in lower operating cost. The motors develop less heat so significantly less maintenance is needed and the lifetime of the motor is increased.

The EC motors operate at high efficiency levels and offer a great energy-saving potential not only at full load, but especially at part-load. When operating at part-load, the energy used is much lower than with an AC motor of equivalent output.  Reduced energy usage guarantees a drop in operating costs.

Defrost Cycle

During the defrost sequence, a motorized damper temporarily blocks the incoming fresh air stream so that the warm air from your space can circulate through the HRV.  The exhaust blower shuts down and the supply blower switches into high speed to maximize the effectiveness of the defrost strategy.  During this cycle, household odors from the kitchen or bathroom are prevented from entering the home and the unit will not create negative pressure.

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