100 Years of Refrigeration Excellence

Product Preview: Celebrating 100 years of PENN Products

For nearly a century, PENN products have helped customers control their commercial refrigeration systems with smart, sophisticated technology. That includes:

  • The A525, an electronic refrigeration control with adaptive defrost for cold rooms.

  • The QREV (Quick Response Expansion Valve) and PSHC (Precision Controller).

  • The MR5, a multifunction, communicating case controller.

With this being said, Tower stocks a full line of PENN refrigeration products- Check out our top PENN products below:

  • A11 Series
    • A11 Series low temperature cutout controls come with single-pole, single-throw (SPST) or single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) contact action. Use to sense low temperature conditions to avoid over-cooling or icing of hydronic coils, cooling coils, and liquid-handling pipes. These compact, sturdy controls have an adjustable temperature setpoint with a fixed differential. A factory-set low temperature stop can be specified.
  • A421 Series 
    • A421 Series electronic temperature controls are single-stage controls with a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) output relay. Use with single-stage refrigeration or HVAC equipment. A421 controls feature a backlit LCD with adjustable brightness and a three-button touchpad interface that can be set to restrict adjustments. Standard modules have simple on/off settings for heating or cooling, an adjustable anti-short cycle delay, temperature setback, and sensor offset capability. Models are also available with integral power cord, off-cycle defrost, or integral cycle timer.
  • System 450
    • System 450 is a family of modular, digital electronic controls, easy to assemble and set up for reliable temperature, pressure, and humidity control for a wide variety of HVAC/R, commercial process, and industrial process applications. Create application-specific systems to control temperature, pressure, humidity, or all three at once, with only a small suite of models. The System 450 can be used in a wide variety of applications, including boilers, greenhouses, refrigeration racks and condenser fan applications.
  • A25 Series
    • The A25 Series Warm Air Control with Manual Reset is designed to shut down fans, burners, dampers, etc., when the temperature of the sensed air becomes greater than the controller’s setpoint. When the sensed temperature increases to the controller’s setpoint, the A25’s switch will open. Manual reset is required to reclose the electrical circuit. The A25 may be used as a high limit control in the supply air duct (or plenum) where a lockout type control is desired or required by local code.

In celebration of PENN’s 100th year in business they have launched an all new website & they invite you to take a look around! You’ll find it easier than ever to browse the complete range of PENN® products by category or application, download product literature, software updates, and more. So be sure to bookmark the site for your ongoing reference.

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