FAQ: Humidifier Water Panel

While heating season will hopefully come to a close soon, homes throughout the country are still using their humidifiers to combat winter dry air. Have you checked your whole home humidifier’s water panel this season? Humidifier water panels are an important component in the humidification process. Learn what they do and how to change your humidifier water panel for improved performance.

What Is a Humidifier Water Panel?

Humidifier water panels are sometimes called the humidifier filter. This is the component that adds moisture to air passing through the unit. The humidifier water panel is located within the humidifier’s scale control insert, with the water distribution tray above.

When the water panel becomes clogged with mineral buildup, you run the risk of a humidifier leak. The mineral scale can actually become so heavy it blocks the water drain in your unit, leading to water backup in the area surrounding your whole home humidifier. A humidifier leak has the potential to cause serious water damage to your heating and cooling system as well as your home’s structure, so be sure to change your humidifier water panel regularly!

How Often Should I Change My Humidifier Water Panel?

Humidifier water panels should be changed at minimum once every year. Just like furnace filters, how often you need to change your humidifier water panel depends on other factors, such as the mineral content of your water and how frequently you use your whole home humidifier.

In addition to potential water leaks, if you fail to change your humidifier water panel, other problems may result:

  • Decreased heating and cooling system performance, as the clogged humidifier water panel makes it harder for the system’s blower motor to push air through. In bypass humidifier systems, humidification relies on the HVAC unit’s fan. A clogged humidifier water panel will also damage the dedicated fan within a fan-powered whole home humidifier.
  • Poor temperature control in the home. This is the result of lacking humidity indoors. You’ll also experience more static electricity in your living areas and other dry air effects such as dry skin, nose bleeds, and respiratory irritations.
  • Water leaks and poor moisture control in the home have the potential to lead to mold and bacteria growth. Mold and bacteria are hazardous to your family’s health and have the potential to seriously damage your home.

How Do I Change My Humidifier Water Panel?

For most homeowners, changing the humidifier water panel is an easy step. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, ask your trusted HVAC technician to do it for you during your annual maintenance visit.

To change your humidifier water panel, follow these instructions:

  • Find the panel cover on the exterior of the humidifier.
  • Open or remove the cover to access the water panel – your whole home humidifier may have a pressure panel or push button for easy opening.
  • Remove the humidifier water panel’s enclosure from the unit.
  • Take the used humidifier water panel out of the enclosure and throw it away.
  • Slide a new humidifier water panel into the enclosure.
  • Replace the enclosure within your whole home humidifier – make sure it is inserted in the correct direction and is secure within the humidifier.
  • Close/replace the panel cover.


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