Children’s Aid Society of Toronto: Energy savings payback in just 18 months

How much more energy efficient could a 5-year-old
building be? Much more.

The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto is the home office for over 200 dedicated professionals. They work hard to
prevent child abuse and neglect. But as a non-profit organization serving a major metropolitan community, they
need to work hard to reduce operational expenses as well.
Searching for cost-saving opportunities, Operations Supervisor Al Gramolini of Avison Young Property Management
conducted an energy audit and discovered that the seven-story building, although fairly new, could be made even
more energy efficient. So he made a plan — then he called his mechanical contractor who helped put together a
proposal based on the WebVision system.

The Goals
• Increase system efficiency to reduce energy costs without
disturbing the comfort of employees
• Provide a system that’s simple
to install and simple to operate
• Enable web-based system access
• Generate enough energy cost
savings to capitalize on energy

The Honeywell Solution:
WebVision Controllers and Communicating Thermostats
Working with Dave Mody of HVAC Dimensions Ltd., Al Gramolini and his team selected the WebVision™ building manager with remote monitoring to control all thermostats throughout the building. The web-based monitoring system enables them to manage each thermostat from anywhere via the Internet. This enables the building operations supervisor to view system performance and adjust settings as needed
to efficiently maintain optimal comfort levels.

A Switch without a Hitch
The entire project was completed in just 4 weeks. Installation was executed during normal business hours. Selecting a web-based system eliminated the need to run extensive wiring to the thermostats and reduced installation cost by over 50%. When asked if the installation process or change in HVAC operation caused any interruption in the important work of the employees, Children’s Aid Society Controller Richard Kwan said simply, “They never noticed.”

The Results
• Reduced energy cost and consumption due to the automatic
system setback
• Easier climate management due to centralized thermostat control
• Reduced installation costs by using a thermostat-based system instead of a “unitary controller and wall sensor” type of system
• The savings and incentives led to a project payback in just 18 months

Contractor Contact
Dave Mody, Service Manager & Co-Owner
HVAC Dimensions Ltd.
25 Great Lakes Drive, P.O. Box 68553, Brampton, Ontario L6R 0J8
Phone: Office: 905-790-9860 Fax: 905-790-3428 Cell: 416-729-8722
Facility Contact
Al Gramolini, Operations Supervisor
Avison Young Property Management Inc.
60 Adelaide East Suite 900, Mail Box 15, Toronto, Ontario M5C 3E4

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