VT8000 Room Controller: Variable Air Volume (VAV) Unit

This new cost-effective solution provides contractors with an easy to implement solution for Variable Air Volume (VAV) applications. It is designed for zone temperature control in Variable Air Volume systems:

• An Air Handling unit and a VAV rooftop unit serve many zones within a building by supplying a varying amount of supply air at a constant supply air temperature.
• The supply air is discharged into the main duct and branches from this main duct are run individual zones.
• Each zone has its own Room Controller, which in turn controls a VAV box (damper).
• This damper opens and closes to maintain the zone setpoint by varying the airflow to the zone.
• Some VAV boxes contain heat sources such as electric resistance strip heaters or hot water coils.
• This allows some zones to receive heat while other zones receive cooling from the central rooftop unit.
• Some VAV boxes contain a fan (fan-powered mixing box).
• During the heating cycle, the primary air damper closes to a minimum position and the fan and heating coil are energized to provide heat to the zone. This minimizes the amount of reheat that is required.
• All controllers are equipped with a humidity sensor.
• Supports Pressure Independent (PI) operation using a differential air pressure sensor to manage air flow set points.
• Supports Pressure Dependent (PD) operation with approximate airflow based on balanced damper positions.

Learn more about the VT8000 Room Controllers and their application in the PDF below!

Click to access 028-0511-03-AG-VZ8250-EN-CP20200121a.pdf

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