Honeywell Ultraviolet Air Treatment Systems






Summer is around the corner and Honeywell is here to help keep your family healthy & your cooling bills low with their UV Air Treatment Systems!

Ultraviolet treatment systems works as an additional line of defense to help protect a home from mold, particles, and bacteria. The UV lights in ultraviolet treatment systems are contained within your heating and cooling system- right where bacteria and mold try to grow. Honeywell coil irradiation models kills up to 99.9 percent of mold that could otherwise be thriving on your system’s cooling coil. Airborne bacteria doesn’t stand much of a chance, either, with up to 87 percent killed when passing by the system.

Honeywell Ultraviolet treatment system is highly recommended for homes and families with:
  • Children or elderly present
  • Concern for maintaining energy efficiency
  • Frequent cleaning of air conditioning ductwork
  • Use of antimicrobial products
  • A humid climate
  • Closed windows and dry climate in the winter


The use of ultraviolet light to zap the air and surfaces in room and buildings isn’t new. For decades, UV systems have been featured in:
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Nursing homes
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Manufacturing clean rooms

Saving Energy & Money
The UV lights keep your air conditioning coil clean to help maintain energy efficiency and airflow. You’ll save money through improved efficiency and by not needed to replace equipment or have it cleaned. Even more, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable home because your system will be better able to deliver the temperature and airflow desire.
Honeywell’s exclusive SmartLamp technology cycles the lamps on and off as needed, extending lamp life while maintaining efficiency. So along with saving money, you’re helping to save the environment. With Honeywell’s UV treatment system will also run more efficiently which will help reduce the use of natural resources as well. In addition, Honeywell UV bulbs don’t require replacement as often as other UV bulbs, you’ll be sending a lot fewer to the landfill.
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