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Wireless Hydronic Balancing Kit Receives AHR Innovation Award

Dwyer Instruments


Michigan City, IN, September 28, 2018 – Dwyer Instruments, Inc. was recognized for excellence in product design in the 2019 AHR Expo Innovation Awards. The contest was judged by members of ASHRAE with over 20 years of professional engineering experience. The Wireless Hydronic Balancing Kit, Series 490W, was the award winner in the Tools and Instruments product category.

Chairman of AHRI, Chris Peel, stated:

Innovation really is the life-blood of a manufacturing business. There’s a tremendous amount of investment in people, infrastructure, and products. The Innovation Awards are really a validation of your strategy, the hard work, and the investment planning that you did as a manufacturer.

Dwyer Instruments Product Manager for Test Equipment, Tom Lorenz, stated:

It’s great to be recognized for our continued innovation in the tool and instrument market. We are committed to offering the best customer experience in real-world practice and setting the bar in the HVACR industry.

The Wireless Hydronic Balancing Kit was designed by your HVAC leader to be the most accurate and easiest to operate manometer on the market.  The Series 490W measures the pressure drop across HVAC balancing valves by using wireless sensors and a versatile handheld. These sensors communicate via Bluetooth® wireless technology to an Android™ based handheld device to display pressure measurements. Users can select valves being measured from a pre-determined list, or manually enter a CV value. The handheld monitors the flow of up to three valves at one time, allowing a single operator to monitor and balance a hydronic system in less time than traditional methods.

In July the Wireless Hydronic Balancing Kit was also recognized for excellence in product design in the 15th annual Dealer Design Awards Program sponsored by The Air Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration News magazine (The ACHR News). The 490W was the Silver Award Winner in the Electronic and Hand Tools product category.

Winning companies and their products will be honored during an awards ceremony held at the 2019 AHR Expo on Tuesday, January 15th in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Technology Talk: Dywer’s IEF Series Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitters

tech talk.png

Dywer’s IEF Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter series is an adjustable insertion flowmeter featuring electromagnetic technology that accurately and reliably measures fluid velocity in addition to providing several continuous signal outputs. This series is specifically designed to offer superior performance paired with simple installation and use. One unit is adjustable to fit pipe sizes from 4 to 36″ (101.6 to 914.4 mm), and offers several output options including selectable BACnet MS/TP or Modbus® RTU communications protocol over 2-wire RS-485 in addition to the standard analog, frequency and alarm outputs.

With the release of the Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter earlier this year, Dwyer Instruments, Inc. provides performance, accuracy, and reliability with same day field configurability.

Previously, insertion flow transmitters on the market did not offer much flexibility to configure products in the field. Dwyer addressed these concerns, delivering a solution with their new unit.

“The installation of the Series IEF Insertion Flow Transmitter was very simple,” said Walter Smith, Pipefitter/Service Technician/Foreman with mechanical contractor D.A. Dodd. “The rod that came with the unit to set the depth of the transmitter makes it very installer friendly.”

D.A. Dodd, headquartered in Rolling Prairie, Ind., conducted installations of three new IEF Insertion Flow Transmitters beginning in October 2017, which allowed for Dwyer to have the opportunity to individually study the magmeters.

“I believe this insertion flow transmitter will meet and exceed the requirements for its application,” Smith said. “From what I have seen so far this is very accurate and comparable if not better than similar products.”

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Field configurable, integral, or remote setup displays allow for ultimate flexibility by accommodating a variety of application options with a single model through multiple display arrangements. These include pipe size, pipe material, liquid type, analog output, pulse/frequency output, alarm outputs, communication outputs, damping, and calibration factor.

Smith, who has been a pipefitter and service technician for 25 years, has experience working with a wide variety of flow transmitter products and manufacturers. He found the new Dwyer Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter to be easy to work with.

“The display and configurations are user friendly,” Smith said. “They are better and have a larger display than units I have used in the past. I would recommend this unit to my customers. They perform very well.”

The Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter can be used in a variety of applications such as: boiler feed water, chilled water, open and closed loop condenser water, irrigation systems, municipal water distribution, process and coolant flow, ground water remediation, chemical processing, pump protection, wastewater, and mining.

The Series IEF will be replacing the Series IEFS in the Dwyer product line. New features include temperature compensation, one size fits most adjustability, additional output/communication options, a wider operating voltage range, and NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 (pending) approval for drinking water system components.

All of this versatility packed into the Series IEF Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter means a single solution for your toughest needs with same day installation because There’s No Time for Downtime!

Watch the Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter installation video to find out how simple and easy to install this product truly is.

Product ApplicationsIEF_Front_Valve_Red_1000x1000

  • Boiler feed water
  • Chilled water
  • Open and closed loop condenser water
  • Irrigation system
  • Municipal water distribution
  • Process and coolant flow
  • Ground water remediation
  • Chemical processing
  • Pump protection
  • Wastewater
  • Mining


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Product Preview: The Dwyer Series DM-2000 Differential Pressure Transmitter


Want a differential pressure transmitter that has a quick response, simple installation, and easy calibration checks? Look no further than the Dwyer series DM-200 Differential Pressure Transmitter!



The Dwyer SERIES DM-2000 Differential Pressure Transmitter senses the pressure of air and compatible gases and sends a standard 4-20 mA output signal. The DM-2000 housing is specifically designed to mount in the same diameter cut out as a standard Magnehelic gauge. A wide range of models are available factory calibrated to specific ranges.

Pressure connections are inherent to the glass filled plastic molded housing making installation quick and easy. Digital push-button zero and span simplify calibration over typical turn-potentiometers. An optional 3.5 digit LCD shows process and engineering units. A single push button allows field selection of 4 to 6 engineering units depending on range.


Product FeaturesDM_2000_White_TopRight_INWC_1000x1000

  • Zero and span controls provide easy calibration checks and shorter installation time to get device running and monitoring
  • Quick response to pressure changes means no delay in signaling and alerting to critical situations
  • Easy to read LCD display provides immediate local alerts allowing corrective action to be taken quickly to eliminate the problem from becoming widespread
  • Same size as Magnehelic simplifies field upgrade to digital pressure gage by reducing install steps
  • Tamper proof button configuration to prevent accidental changes to the settings

Product Applications

  • Filter monitoring
  • Fan pressure indication
  • Static pressures in ducts or buildings
  • Bi-direction ranges ideal for sensing fluctuating building pressure

Interested in the Dwyer Series DM-2000 Differential Pressure Transmitter? Contact Tower Equipment’s Professionals for pricing, questions, or for more information at: