Tip of the Week: Tower Equipment’s Winter/Fall Guide

January 2017 saw New England’s temperature constantly staying in the thirties and the temperature is only going to get colder in the next couple of months.  It’s never too late to winter ready your home! Here is your Tower Equipment guide to get your home ready for the freezing temperatures to come. Store all outside … Continue Reading

Spotlight on: Belimo’s LMB Type/NEMOFTY 24v 3 Wire Motor with LED Positioned Lights

If you are looking for a simple, long lasting, and easy to use motor the Belimo LMB type/NEMOFTY Motor Actuators are what you are looking for! LMB/NEMOFTY motors are easy to install, easy to wire up ensuring a long life and minimal attendance. The motor comes with built-in LED’S to indicate damper blade position, where green indicates … Continue Reading

Product Preview: Tower T2 Series Damper

Not impressed with your current zone damper company or just looking for a change? Try out the TECO’s Tower Zone TZ Damper. Our Tower Damper is made with Belimo’s Nemofty 24v 3 wire motor with LED positioned lights and a rugged American made slip in zone damper. Our damper is high quality, powerful, and economic … Continue Reading