New Technology: Belimo Fire and Smoke Damper Actuator

Belimo Releases a New Fire and Smoke Damper Actuator with Higher Torque and Temperature!

Belimo continues tbelimo-fire-smoke-actuatorso raise the bar with their new products every year. This new Smoke Damper Actuator features higher Torque and Temperature. The new FSAF*A spring-return actuator offers 180 in-lbs [20 Nm] with approximately 25 second running time and is designed for operation of smoke and combination fire and smoke dampers in ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The Smoke damper is able to contain the smoke so that occupants of your building can exit safely. It is also able to create less smoke damage to furnishings in the property and create greater visibility for Fire Fighters in emergencies by containing most of the smoke.

Make your job site more efficient today by investing in Belimo’s New Fire and Smoke Damper Actuator!


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