Honeywell Home from Resideo Helps Your Home Stay ‘Just Right’

SET, FORGET AND SAVE Help Save Money and Reduce Your Energy Use with Utility Savings Programs When a sudden heat wave hits a large swath of the country, air conditioning systems in houses, apartments, hospitals and office buildings all crank on at once, and utility companies go into overdrive trying to meet their clients’ increased … Continue Reading

New Technology – Johnson Controls NS8000 Series Network Sensor

Introducing the all NEW NS8000 Series Network Sensor The new NS8000 Series Network Sensor models make monitoring temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 easier than ever! With many new features and three new display options, there is a make and model that will fit any of your jobs. In addition, each model includes passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensing for … Continue Reading

New Technology: The Honeywell T9 & T10 Smart Thermostat

A smart home is only as smart as you make it! With Honeywell’s latest smart room sensors extend the reach of your thermostat – beyond the hallway – and adapt to your life in real time to make your connected home truly a smart home. They effortlessly control temperature in any room when you’re home, and offer energy savings when you’re away!

PENN 100 Years of Innovation

New Technology: Multi-functionality from a legend in control solutions

In every step of the winemaking process, conditions have to be just right. While you can’t control when buds blossom or when
fruit will be ready to pick, Johnson Controls can help you better control the fermentation process. Our PENN line of temperature controls has been setting the standards in dependability and innovation for nearly 100 years.

Honeywell Enhances Indoor Comfort

New Technology: Honeywell Enhances Indoor Comfort

There are many quality equipment manufacturers in the HVAC industry, giving homeowners an immense selection of products and systems to choose from. Honeywell is a widely-know brand committed to delivering the highest level of comfort inside a space. Continue reading to learn more about the Honeywell brand and see if their indoor air quality systems … Continue Reading

Experience Efficiency with Belimo

Technology Talk: Belimo’s newest innovative solution is available at TECO!

Belimo is known for delivering innovative solutions for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning field. As a market leader in the development, production and marketing of field device solutions for HVAC controls, Belimo is an easy choice for the job.  As years go on, Belimo continues to innovate and Tower is excited to announce that Belimo has expanded … Continue Reading

New Technology: EvenAir Whole House Comfort Control by Field Controls

The new EvenAir Whole House Comfort Control Solution ensures even temperatures in the home. Get the EvenAir Solution with Field Controls whole house comfort control! The Comfort Control System works directly with heating and cooling appliances to bring temperature balance to the home. The EvenAir system thermostat monitors the sleeping area and living area temperatures … Continue Reading

New Technology: Veris Universal PX3 Differential Pressure/Air Velocity Transducer

Introducing Veris New and improved Universal PX3 Differential Pressure/Air Velocity Transducer Series to Towers Inventory The most versatile and capable sensor in the market has arrived! Veris is proud to release the new PX3 Differential Pressure/Air Velocity Transducer – now available for purchase at Tower Equipment Company. Replacing Veris old differential pressure sensor (PXULX053), the … Continue Reading