New Technology: Belimo’s Advanced Butterfly Valve Technology Sets new performance Standards in HVAC Applications


Belimo’s butterfly valve and actuators for high flow applications is the most intelligent, energy efficient, and reliable leakage rate on the market today. Easy installation, longevity, and application flexibility makes the butterfly valve technology highly innovative. Setting new standards for performance Belimo is changing the market in HVAC applications.

Belimo’s succeeded in creating a zero leakage rate in their newest generation of Butterfly valves for Commercial HVAC applications. Having a low leakage rate is impressive for any company but to allow for a zero leakage rate at 200psi is nearly impossible, making this valve/actuator to be very innovative.  Featuring large CV values these butterfly valves achieve an economical valve solution for larger-flow applications using ANSI flanged piping systems. These valves can be utilized in isolating chillers and boilers, primary bypass flow control, isolating cooling towers, controlling coils in large air-handling units and process-control heat-exchanger applications.

The actuator is equally as impressive, can save you up to 80% less power than other actuators on the market to reduce transformer and wiring costs.  Industry leading fail-safe function and universal power supply input 24-240 VAC /24-125 VDC requires only one actuator type which eases planning and increases flexibility for all applications They are mounted onto the valve using just two bolts and have a running time that is adjustable from 30 to 120 s. There is also an option for an electric fail-safe option provides security for safety sequences if power is lost. A position indicator can be seen from long distance and any angle unique position indication viewable for easy troubleshooting.

The valves are also available in 2-way and 3-way version in sizes from DN100 to DN250.

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