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  • January 25, 2017
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  • Tower Equipment

On Tuesday January 24, 2017 Tower Equipment Co., teamed up with Belimo to host a full day introductory workshop to Belimo Products. Throughout the day our attendee's learned:

  • How to size an actuator based on damper torque requirements
  • The differences between spring return and non-spring return actuators
  • The control signals commonly used today in commercial HVAC
  • How to select control signals based upon application
  • How to identify the features and properties of Belimo actuators from the model number
  • How to mount and wire spring and non-spring return actuators
  • Basic troubleshooting on the mounting and wiring of Belimo actuators
  • The programming options available on Belimo Multi Function Technology (MFT) products
  • The key differences between 2-way and 3-way valves
  • The difference between mixing and diverting valves
  • How to calculate the required Cv rating for a valve from GPM and ΔP over the valve
  • What the different valve flow characteristics mean
  • Where to find information pertaining to valve limitations using Belimo resources
  • How to identify valves by type (i.e. ball valve, globe valve etc.)
  • How the Belimo pressure independent valve (PICCV) works
  • The purpose of the lights and switches within the NV actuator and how to respond to these signal

In addition, attendee's got to participate in a hands-on mounting and wiring lab.  Participants were also provided with a hardy lunch, trouble shooting tips booklet that they can use in the field, and their new knowledge of the products from the day long class. Advice from the Belimo team was also provided at the end of the day and participants got to ask them any questions they may have. The small class size allows for more hands on teaching and we are glad all of our attendees enjoyed the class.

We would like to thank Belimo and our attendees for making this event happen! Our next event with Belimo will be in February 

Interested in attending our next class click here

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