Tower Equipment & Mason Industries

Did you know Tower Equipment carries a selection of Mason Industries performance Vibration Pads, Mounts, and Hangers? Up until the 1950’s most rubber mountings were designed to take the load in shear. Mountings were circular or sold in long strips so the capacity could be controlled by size and durometer, or durometer and the cut off length. Shear loading curves are straight lines similar … Continue Reading

Events: Belimo 101

  • January 25, 2017
  • Workshops
  • Tower Equipment

On Tuesday January 24, 2017 Tower Equipment Co., teamed up with Belimo to host a full day introductory workshop to Belimo Products. Throughout the day our attendee’s learned: How to size an actuator based on damper torque requirements The differences between spring return and non-spring return actuators The control signals commonly used today in commercial … Continue Reading