Sustainable Development: U.S. Department of Energy Created the Largest Saving Standards in History


There is less than one year till the energy conservation standards for commercial air conditioners and heat pumps (known as rooftop units RTU’s) change,  are you and your customers ready? The HVAC Industry is preparing for what is known as the “largest energy-saving standard in history” as the U.S. Department of Energy is enforcing new rules and regulations.

Roof top units found on low-rise buildings such as hospitals, schools and big box stores standards will change in two phases. The first phase being enforced on January 1st, 2018 will require low-rise buildings to increase their energy efficiency by at least ten percent. In the second phase will take place as of January 1st, 2023 and requires a 25-30 percent increase in efficiency. New warm-air furnaces will also have to comply with only the second phase of standards.

The new rooftop air conditioner standards are expected to save 167 Billion dollars on utility bills and cut carbon pollution by 885 million metric tons over 30 years. Not only that but these standards will save a typical building owner anywhere from $4,200-$10,100 over the life of a single rooftop air conditioner. Larger the savings will occur over the years with larger buildings as well.

This all being said, in order to comply with the new regulations the industry may be forced to make several changes to the way they currently do business. Making building owners think is this change really worth it? Is the Industry even ready for these changes?  This decision is up to you but for now the clock continues to count down and changes must be made.

Find more information on the energy efficiency standards for commercial air conditioners and warm air furnaces established at or click here for the full document.

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