New Technology: Veris All-In-One Pressure Sensor Switch Model PASXX


Veris released their new all-in-one pressure sensor switch that is used in air handling systems for the monitoring of air ducts, filters, and fans. The sensor PASXXis easy to use with a strong plastic enclosure that has a rating of IP54. This sensor has a set-point adjustment provided under the clip-on clear plastic cover. Supplied with a mounting adaptor ring, two straight duct probes and a 6-foot length of clear tubing this sensor has everything you need for an easy installation.

Product Features:
• User-friendly snap cover
• Case geometry allows easy cable lead-in
• Cable strain relief integrated in PG11 (DIN 40430)
• High adjustment accuracy through individual laser etched scale
• Long-term stability of switching points through trapezoidal bead
• Multi-layer gold plated contact

• High-pressure monitoring
• Vacuum pressure monitoring
• Filter monitoring
• Fan monitoring

The pressure switch has two separate pressure chambers, each with
it’s own connection. The switch operates when the setpoint is either
exceeded or not reached.

  • Vacuum Monitoring
    Connect the pressure switch via P2. Do not connect P1. Leave P1 open- Make sure that debris cannot get into P1.
  • High-Pressure Monitoring
    Connect the pressure switch via Pa. Do not Connect P2. Leave P2 open.
    Make sure that debris cannot get into P2.
  • Filter Monitoring
    Connect P1 before the filter and P2 after it.
  • Fan Monitoring
    Connect P1 after the fan (in blowing direction) and P2 before the fan

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