New Technology: Honeywell’s New RedLINK Internet Gateway


Honeywell’s Exclusive RedLINK Wireless Technology Just Got Better!  

RedLINK internet gateway - colorHoneywell released their new and improved RedLINK Internet Gateway to help you better meet your customer’s comfort needs. The RedLINK Gateway allows for the ease of wireless installation with no added labor costs and optimizes profitability.

RedLINK internet gateway - color


You can control Honeywell’s RedLINK communications from a web browser or smart device. The RedLINK Internet Gateway connects to an internet router with a standard Ethernet cable (provided). The Gateway is then connected to the power adapter (provided) and plugged into a wall outlet. This new model is a direct replacement for THM6000R7002.

This product features:

  • Program scheduling*
  •  View and change their HVAC system settings (Heat, Cool, Fan, Dehumidifier*, Humidifier*)
  • View and set the temperature
  •  View and set indoor humidity*
  • View outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Access multiple thermostats if the system is zoned
  • Access multiple locations if more than one system is connected
  • Receive temperature and humidity alerts via e-mail
  • Access over 90 system alerts via the web.
  • Get automatic upgrades as new features are available

Improvements to RedLINK include:

  • Better design and user interface
  • 3-foot Ethernet cable
  • Power adapter
  • Enables remote access, group scheduling and Contractor Portal access directly from the RedLINK device
  • Compatible and supports RedLINK thermostats

New Part number is: THM6000R7001

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