New Technology: Veris Universal PX3 Differential Pressure/Air Velocity Transducer


Introducing Veris New and improved Universal PX3 Differential Pressure/Air Velocity Transducer Series to Towers Inventory

The most versatile and capable sensor in the market has arrived! Veris is proud to release the new PX3 Differential Pressure/Air Velocity Transducer – now available for purchase at Tower Equipment Company.

Replacing Veris old differential pressure sensor (PXULX053), the new & improved PXULX05 will meet all your needs! The highly-accurate PX3 can be used to measure either pressure or velocity and is ideal for duct static, building pressure, room pressure, and air velocity measurement for AHU/RTUs and VAV boxes. With flexible mounting options, field-selectable sub-ranges, and an IP65 outdoor rated enclosure designed to fit into smaller spaces, the PX3 is a great device for any pressure or velocity application. 

August 18 2019 _ 8PM _ Saturday (7)

The PX3 transducer can measure either air pressure or velocity with the flip of a switch.  The PX3 is available in three installation configurations: duct, panel or universal.

Duct and panel models have two pressure and velocity range options:  0-1″ WC / 0-3,000 ft/min or 0-10″ WC / 0-7,000 ft/min with seven field-selectable sub-ranges for pressure and eight for velocity.  All variants are available with and without display.  The PX3 has an IP65/NEMA 4 environmental rating and a 5-year limited warranty.


  • Duct static pressure (pressure mode)
  • Building / Room pressure (pressure mode)
  • Filter status (pressure mode)
  • Air flow measurement (velocity mode)

Exceptional accuracy and stability:

  • Excellent tolerance to overpressure and vibration reduces field failures
  • High accuracy digital sensor maintains calibration and reduces callbacks
  • High reliability sensor technology for long-term maintenance-free operation

Lowest total installed cost:

  • Switch-selectable ranges and scales reduce setup time and number of models to stock
  • Microprocessor-based design allows for digitally profiled sensor increasing product accuracy and reliability
  • Brass barb fittings prevent breakage and accommodate popular tubing sizes

Low-differential room pressure sensor with LCD display:

  • Ideal for clean rooms, hospitals, fume hoods, computer rooms, and other very low differential pressure applications
  • Monitors positive and negative pressure for application versatility
  • Flexibility: standard and fast response modes

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