New Technology: The Honeywell T9 & T10 Smart Thermostat

Resideo Unveiled A New Degree Of Whole Home Comfort! The new Honeywell Homes T-Series Smart Thermostats with smart room sensors focus on comfort bedrooms at night and living areas during the day. Resideo showcased these products at the CES 2019 and they are releasing these new high tech thermostats in the spring! Keep you eyes open but for now here is some key information:

“A smart home is only as smart as you make it,” said Mike Nefkens, president and CEO of Resideo. “Our latest smart room sensors extend the reach of your thermostat – beyond the hallway – and adapt to your life in real time to make your connected home truly a smart home. They effortlessly control temperature in any room when you’re home, and offer energy savings when you’re away.”

Smart Room Sensors
According to Parks Associates research, 56 percent of consumers believe that an uncomfortable room temperature impacts their sleep quality and quantity.”There is demand for a smart thermostat that can help them intelligently adjust their bedroom temperature for optimal sleep comfort,” said Jennifer Kent, Senior Director, Parks Associates.

According to parks associates research, 56 percent of consumers believe that an uncomfortable room temperature impacts their sleep.

The new T-Series Smart Thermostats feature wireless smart sensors that measure temperature and humidity and help balance hot and cold spots in a home. The smart room sensors offer several advanced features, including:

  • People detection. Whether, sleeping, cooking or relaxing, comfort follows the family as they move throughout the home. The smart thermostat knows which rooms are occupied and can automatically adjust that room to the desired temperature.
  • Unmatched range. Not all sensors are created equal, and the Honeywell Home smart room sensors offer a 200-foot range to help deliver whole home comfort.

Designed for Your Day
Knowing that homeowners want comfort when they are home, and energy savings when they are away, the T-Series Smart Thermostats offer simple scheduling, geofencing and compatibility with demand response programs that may qualify for utility rebates. Via the Honeywell Home app, homeowners can:

  • Set a preferred temperature in any room at any time, and prioritize multiple rooms at different times of day. For example, parents can ensure everyone is sleeping at a comfortable temperature at night.
  • Switch which room is prioritized (i.e., lower the temperature in the kitchen when the family is using the stove to make dinner), or use a popular voice assistant or smart home platform to change the set schedule.
  • Use geofencing to monitor and activate the home’s heating/cooling system, and come home to their preferred temperature.
  • Receive alerts if a room reaches a certain temperature, such as a nursery getting too cold at night.

Simple User Experience and Setup
Resideo enhanced the thermostat’s full-color touch display to closely resemble the Honeywell Home mobile app for more intuitive, streamlined use.

The T9 Smart Thermostat can configure itself with its wire-sensing technology and includes a C-wire adapter, making do-it-yourself installation very simple. The T10 Pro Smart Thermostat is installed professionally as it also offers humidity and ventilation controls.

Pricing and Availability
The latest T-Series Smart Thermostats will be available in North America this Spring. At launch, the thermostats will integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.The Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat and one sensor will be available at Tower Equipment Company. The Honeywell Home T10 Pro Smart Thermostat will be available via professional heating and cooling contractors.

About Resideo
Resideo is a leading global provider of critical comfort and security solutions primarily in residential environments, and distributor of low-voltage and security products. Building on a 130-years of heritage, Resideo has a presence in more than 150 million homes, with 15 million systems installed in homes each year. The company has a long term, exclusive license to use the Honeywell Home brand for products and will continue to serve more than 100,000 contractors through its ADI Global Distribution business, which exports to more than 100 countries from more than 200 stocking locations around the world. Resideo is a $4.8 billion company with approximately 14,500 global employees. For more information about Resideo, please visit

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