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The AHR expo was held this week in Las Vegas revealing new and exciting technology to come in the HVAC world this year. For HVAC contractors, attending the Expo means having the opportunity to meet with vendors face to face as well as learn more about the new products being introduced to the market. One of our main vendors,  Johnson Controls  relished in the opportunity to show off their new technology face to face with the HVAC contractors from around the world. During the expo Johnson show cased their three new solutions to the HVAC community which included:

The BlueStream Hybrid Cooling System
  • The new system features Johnson Controls new thermosyphon hybrid cooling technology. This technology can reduce water consumption in traditional cooling tower systems by 25 to 80 percent compared to all-evaporative heat rejection systems. It also maintains peak process output and energy efficiency during the hottest of summers.
  • Verasys is a plug-and-play system that integrates HVAC equipment and controls. This control system provides a simple user experience with configurable controllers that easily connect to a vast array of mechanical and electrical equipment, controls, and sensors. It is simple, easy to use, and is guaranteed to save you money during the life time of the system.
York’s EcoAdvance
  • The York EcoAdvance technology recycles indoor air instead of replacing the air like most buildings do (the average building typically replaces air 20 times a day). By recycling the indoor air Johnson found a way to reduce molecular air contaminants while also reducing the overall energy load on the buildings HVAC system. This HVAC Load Reduction module is self-regenerating allowing buildings to reduce dependence on outside air while also meeting all requirement for indoor air quality.

Overall Jonson Controls technology continues to revolutionize the HVAC Community with every product they put the market. The AHR Expo also showcased other great advances in the HVAC Community from the multiple vendors who attended. Tower Equipment will continue to cover what new technology is brought to the market from our Vendors as the year continues on.



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