Technology Talk: Guide To Functional Devices RIB Relays

Did you know Functional Devices created six different series for their popular RIB relays, guaranteeing a relay for every application? In this guide, you will find what makes each of these series unique to help you get a better understanding for the RIB relays that are available at Tower! Pilot Series The Pilot Series contains relays that are … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Aprilaire Humidifier Replacement Guide

New models of products get released every day as companies strive to make all their products more efficient, effective, and user-friendly. The issue with this is when you go to replace your old system, your model is no longer on the market. Tower Equipment is here to help you solve this issue with this Aprilaire Humidifier … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Smart Home Technology

Technology for homes has evolved rapidly, making housekeeping tasks easier and more efficient than ever. But are these new ways of completing familiar tasks worth the hassle? Setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance can all seem overwhelming and unnecessary sometimes but there are many ways you can avoid this added stress. In this article, we are going … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Smart Technology For Health & Wellness

Reaching your health goals is easier now than ever. There are fitness trackers, blood pressure monitors, and numerous other devices on the market that will help you regulate your health in your body but what is helping you regulate your health at home? Lucky for you, Tower Equipment Company is here with a few products that … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Honeywell’s Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Want to be able to use your smartphone to manage your thermostat? Look no further than Honeywell’s Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat(RTH9580WF)!  All you need is a Wi-Fi connection or access to the free app for your smartphone/tablet and you can manage your thermostat remotely to take advantage of the savings. Whether you want to raise your temperature when … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Belimo Retrofit Globe Valve Linkages

This week on Technology Talk we are going to take a deeper look into the Belimo Retrofit Globe Valve and how it is revolutionizing the market. For those who do not know, Belimo is the leading provider in Air Control Damper Actuators, Valves, and Sensors in the HVAC industry. One thing they pride themselves on … Continue Reading

Technology Talk: Johnson Controls Facility Explorer

The Easiest Choice In Building Automation Just Got Easier! Johnson Controls is celebrating their controls product line called Facility Explorer tenth anniversary by releasing Facility Explorer 14. Featuring a cleaner, faster user experience, enhanced cyber security, and new ways to improve productivity the Facility Explorer product line is now better than ever. Layered with the powerful … Continue Reading